Time Flies | 14 Year Dateiversary

14 years ago today we went on our first date and held hands as we walked down the beach.
For two people we couldn’t be more different. We have less than a handful of things in common with each other but, those we do are important.  It’s important that you like the same dinosaur, right?

ann 1

I still get butterflies when we kiss, or when I watch him smiling & playing with the kids and he doesn’t realise.
He knows exactly how I like my tea.
He buys me my favourite flowers for no reason.
I love that kisses me on the forehead when I fall asleep.

{beloved photography}

{beloved photography}

He was there when I crashed the car through the neighbours living room window.
And when I flooded the bathroom.
When I fell off the horse. And the bike.  And the wall.  And the kerb. And the ladder.
he was there when I superglued my eye closed.  Laughing, but there. (A story for another day).
He’s seen me at my worst, and at my best & deserve’s a medal for going through 2 pregnancies with me.

ann 2

me and keith (2) 2

Happy Dativersary! (totally a real word).
It’s been a pretty hilarious 14 years.
So, here’s to the butterflies.  May there be many many more <3

Jodie Fisher - What a beautiful post. We are about to celebrate our third dativersary.


Week 9 | Living Arrows

This shot had been planned for Wolfie & Willow.  Just a quick little shot of their new shoes.  I popped out the room to grab a toy and I come back to them sound asleep.  To me it’s perfect.  They are forever searching for each others hands, snuggling their faces together, comforting each other.  It’s a beautiful bond that grows stronger every day.


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Kara - This is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen, pure perfection, thank you so much for sharing.

Emma T - What a beautiful photo. Gorgeous shot, and love their coordinated look.

Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog - My favourite!! love this shot zoe xxx

gemma stevens - Wow, they are so gorgeous. I love their vests.

Happy-Bandits - WOW this gives me chicken skin…so so so precious!

Fiona - Oh, this is just so lovely x

Polka Dot Family - I adore that they are holding hands and looking towards each other so very cute!

Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy - This is just beautiful. I love this. I need to follow your gorgeous blog. I’m in love with these little people already… and yes, their shoes are awesome

Sian - Ah that is just beautiful! Lovely shoes too!


FriYay | Kidswear

It’s Friyay!
I hope you had a wonderful week.  I posted a few images of the babies on Instagram (@lovingthelittlethings) wearing these leggings.  Then came the emails asking where they were from, so I thought I would do a little post each Friday with my favourite things!
This week, Organic Baby Leggings.

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Organic leggings are great for little ones.  They are easy to team up with a cool tee and a pair of Wolfie & Willow Moccs.  Instant stylish babe.

So here are a list of my favourite designs out there!

Lets start with Donna Wilson.

Donna Wilson

{Image: Donna Wilson}

She is a textile designer from Scotland who creates the most beautiful knitwear.  I love her quirky little animals and her baby blankets are divine.
She has recently designed a kidswear range for John Lewis, with our favourite being the little aztec leggings!

 Donna Wilson Leggings

Organique Bebe:
Based in Oaks, US.  They have the most gorgeous range of watercolour designs, animals, fruits and florals.  They even take commissions on custom designs.

{Image- Organique Bebe}

{Image- Organique Bebe}

Milch & Honig:
Some unique handmade leggings, no two pairs the same.

{Image- Milch & Honig}

{Image- Milch & Honig}

Hold You Me:
Gorgeous little leggings, with headbands and hats to match.  I can’t resist a fox print!

{Image- Hold You Me}

{Image- Hold You Me}

I’m on the look out for more UK designers, pop your link below if you stock some crazy cute baby leggings or would like a product featured on my Friday Favourites!

Kara - There is nothing better than leggings, all 3 of my kiddies wear them, there are some great ones here, thanks for sharing xx

Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog - Love funky leggings, especially handmade xx


week 8 | Living Arrows

We are in week 8 of the year already, and yet it seems so much further on.
Ruby is being introduced into her school class, ready for her move in August into Primary 1, and the babies are officially 6 months old.  Time is flying!


living arrows8

Kara - Just beautiful, my little girl starts school in Sept I feel like I need the year to slow down.
Your babies are making me very broody x


Week 6 & 7 | Living Arrows

My internet was down last week so your getting a double post this week!

Ruby is obsessed with volcanos, lava & dinosaurs.  When I say obsessed…. I mean the girl watched videos on youtube of someone putting things into lava. iPads, shoes, stuff.  She watched it over and over again.  Fascinated more each time.  We are going to Italy this summer and I would love to take her to visit the Lost City of Pompeii.  If anyone has ever been we would love to hear if its worth the visit!


living arrows6

I let her help out in the kitchen a lot.  This week was the first time I let her near the cooker.  She made her own pancake.  Start to finish.
Where did my little girl go?  It seems like she has just grown up over night.  She’s not a huge fan of the camera right now, which is ok.  I keep my distance with it, but she doesn’t mind it now and again.

living arrows7

Nina - hey,
i’ve been in Pompeij two years ago and it was a really fascinating trip. we also were visiting the vulcano Vesuv, you can walk araound the crater and smell the typicall vulcanogases.
I can absoloutley recommend a trip to the area of Neapel!
Best wishes from Germany and sorry for my bad english skills,

Emma T - I love that volcano shot. I definitely need to make a volcano with N, because he’s always talking about how dinosaurs lived in volcanoes. I’m hoping he’s inherited my love of geography. #livingarrows

Sian - She sounds like a joy to be around. What cool things to be interested in!

otilia - what a lovely long her ha has! #livingarrows

Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog - Lovely photos Zoe, She’s looking so grown up xx

FromMummytoMum - Such gorgeous photos, she looks right at home in the kitchen love her apron!