10 Months | Twins

I grew two humans at once. I created 20 little toes. 20 little fingers. 2 of the most perfect button noses and the bluest eyes.
You never realise the enormity of what you’ve done until you take a moment to stand back and just look.

Two babies.  A whole extra baby on top of the one you thought you had hoped for.  Double the kisses and hugs. Double the smiles and double the crying.
How 10 months has slipped by so quickly baffles me.



Being twins doesnt mean they are automatically best friends.  Not in the slightest.
They have their little moments of blowing kisses, but Emily, that girl is a whirlwind and will happily pull harry to the floor, by his hair, climb over the poor boy and stomp on him to get to exactly where she wants to be.
I can no longer do a quick snap of them on my own.  It takes a mini army of people to get them sat up, straight & attempt to get them to pay attention.
By the time they get sat up, one has rolled away, the other has crawled off and they have started chewing on something they aren’t suppose to have.




It’s been amazing so far to watch them grow.  I can’t believe I am planning their first birthday already! In just 6 weeks my little babies will be 1.
If you have any lovely links to great party shops do leave them below!  I’d love some little independent website to have a peek at.


Happy Saturday!

#Our_Nest | Simple

No matter how much I organise, how much I plan or make lists, I always fall behind on pretty much everything.
I mean I’m on time for most things, but the little details like the amount I owe in library book fee’s, well lets just say I might as well have bought them.

So another late round up of my favourites from last weeks #Our_Nest | Simple.


I adored the entries from these guys!

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‘Simple’ doesn’t often have to be white.  It can be bold colours, textures or little things.  This one has all 3.  I just adore it.
Thank you to @freyahargreavesbrown for such a wonderful entry!
Simply beautiful!


Week 24 | Living Arrows

Sometimes the only thing to do at 6am on a rainy morning is have a tea party with all your bunnies.
When the babies are still asleep, it’s good to grab a little quality time with this one.

In less than 8 weeks she will be starting school.  She’s been ready for a while.  I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.

living arrows25

#Our_nest | In Bed

Last weeks #Our_nest theme was In Bed.  Thankfully the theme couldn’t have fallen on a better week.
An exhausted 4 year old with school visits, sports days and play dates & twins who don’t want to sleep at night. Little Harry might have baby asthma on top of it all.

Here is our week | In Bed:


These lovelies joined in too!  Tea and snuggles seems to be the top choice for most!

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But this, sigh…. look at those lips!  How could this not be my favourite this week?
Thank you so much for tagging @littlebirddoula!

Huge thanks to everyone who takes part each week.  Pop over, have a peek and say hello to these guys!

This weeks theme | SIMPLE is going full steam ahead already over on Instagram.  I’d love for you to join in!

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