Week 17 | Living Arrows

Learning about things growing at pre-school, a few weeks ago they planted little seeds and patiently waited on them sprouting.  Ruby proudly brought home her very own sunflower in a tiny little espresso cup.  Every morning she waters it and has a little chat & today it was finally tall enough to graduate into a big pot for the garden.  She helped choose a pot and popped in some new soil.  She chose a special stick to support its lanky stalk and carefully helped daddy tie it on.

It’s been outside a short time but she keeps popping to the window to make sure that the crazy Scottish wind hasn’t destroyed it.  We’ve had scorching sunshine and horrendous hail stones this week.  You’re never sure if you need to wear sunglasses or protective clothing when you venture outdoors!

living arrows17

We were kindly gifted Ruby’s gorgeous cotton t-shirt from Petit Bateau (Which she won’t take off).  You can visit them here for a gorgeous range of summer wear:
* Petit Bateau*

Carie - oh what a lovely picture! She sounds like she’s taking very good care of that sunflower and hopefully the Scottish weather will hold off long enough for it to grow big and strong this summer!

Sian - What a lovely photo. So sweet that she takes such good care of her sunflower!

Natalie {Little Jam Pot Life - blog} - Lovely Zoe, The girls have done the same this week and can’t wait to show us when they grow! xx


#Our_nest | Yellow

This weeks #Our_nest on Instagram was YELLOW.
Yellow is one of my absolute favourite colours.  Its so bright and cheery.  It’s the perfect colour for spring.

The weather has been a little crazy here.  Beautiful one day, to pouring rain the next.  We’ve spent the week picking flowers, eating cake and shooting images for a few different projects.
Here is my week of yellow!
#Our_nestMy favourite yellow shots of the week come from:

@peggypeg__ @littlemaldod @capturebylucy
@ilses_world @novelphoto @thejoyoffive
@nkkbrcly @helenredders & @sineadylemonadey

But my favourite shot is from @mrstudiolondon.  Such gorgeous pressed flowers that they turn into gifts.  I adore the little daisies and of course that little helping ‘hand’!
Pressing flowers isn’t as easy as it looks.

#Our_nestThank you so much for joining in this week and filling my feed with spring!

This weeks theme is ‘FROM ABOVE’.  Show me what your looking down!

abveTag #Our_nest, @lovingthelittlethings and let me see your gorgeous images,

Happy Saturday,

Zoe xo


Secret nooks & Giggles | Edinburgh

We found a secret little spot in the middle of Edinburgh.  Filled with edible flowers, treats and smiling faces.  The kind of spot you find an instantly fall in love with.
Before we knew it, we had all been sitting chatting and browsing for hours.  There was so much for the kids to see and do, we forgot the time and just enjoyed cups of hot chocolate with homemade elderflower marshmallows.


 The place is buzzing with fragrances and colour and you can’t help but smile as you wander around smelling the herbs and flowers that fill the greenhouse & gardens.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Hamish.  He and his wife own the gardens.  They live on site with their 4 children & homemake the most beautiful beeswax candles, edible flowers, cakes, honey, tea & even soaps.  The knowledge of local producers and artists is incredible.  It’s wonderful to see so much support coming from one place.



The comfiest, tattered old chairs fill the greenhouse and cosy little nooks.  You instantly feel right at home when you sink into an oversized arm chair with a good cuppa.  It’s an instagramers dream & I ended up visiting 3 times in as many days and still didn’t run out of things to snap.  The sound of kids giggling travels through the greenhouses as you sit and oogle the beautiful blooms that surround you.  The attention to detail is perfect and yet looks so effortless.  It really is a magical little place to enjoy an afternoon.


Anywhere this inviting for children, relaxing for adults and where my twins can snuggle and fall asleep together on a chair, is fine with me.



 I cannot recommend visiting this little nook as soon as you can.  The secret isn’t so secret anymore!

The Secret Herb Garden, Old Peatland Road, Edinburgh.
Opens 10am – 4pm


Week 16 | Living Arrows

Each week gets a little easier.  Each week they can do something new and each week is another week I realise they are closer to becoming toddlers than babies.

Harry is a smiler.  The boy can melt a room with a smile so big it covers most of his face.  It’s so goofy you can’t help but giggle at him and those two tiny teeth.  He claps his hands, shakes his head to say no & pulls down women tops.  Doesn’t matter which women.  The boy loves boobies.

Emily is stubborn.  She is miss bossy pants and rules the roost.  She is super serious and takes a lot to crack a smile from her.  Her eyebrows are constantly down, but she has the most infectious laugh when you get to hear it.  She can sit up and is so close to crawling.  When she can… Boy, I am in trouble.

16 | 52


Natalie @ little jam pot life - They sound like such a fab pair! Your Harry sounds similar to phoenix :-) . Lovely photo xx

Tinuke - This photo made my heart melt. There is nothing more adorable than sleeping children. Such a wonderful shot and OMG the shoes they are wearing are so lovely!

Emma Shilton - Oh how adorable! Is there anything cuter than a pair of beautiful babies fast asleep. Great photograph x

Carie - Aww they’re just so adorable – I can only imagine the mischief two of them get into when they’re crawling – I’m guessing there’s a rule of life that says they must always crawl in opposite directions!

2littlefaces - Awww so cute! Great photo!


#Our_nest | Hands

It’s been 3 weeks since I started the #Our_Nest project.  I love that so many people are taking part and that I am surrounded by so many creative people.
Last week was HANDS!  I love hands.  I have freakishly long fingers.  My thumbs are huge.  Like really huge.  They are creepily weird to look at.  But what I do love are kids podgy little hands.  Those fat little fingers.  So plump.  Plump. I love that word.

This week we had tea parties of the real and completely imaginable kind, breakfast in bed, catching (and setting free) GIANT bumble bees and lots of giggles.


These were my absolute favourite shots from last week. So many plump little hands!

#Our_nest Hands

I just adore this shot by @threesacrew!  We love a good game of tic-tac-toe.  I can’t wait until Ruby can actually play it instead of making nice pictures.
I loved these other shots by @sineadylemonadey, @cariemay, @j_hobbs, @littlejampotlife & @ashessig.  Such gorgeous little moments you all captured.
Thank you so much for taking part!

This weeks brand new theme is YELLOW!  I adore yellow, so springy and happy.  Pop on over to Instagram and tag your yellow images this week!
#Our_nest & @lovingthelittlethings

Happy Saturday! xo