A little christmas thanks | Giveaway


Since the twins arrived things have been a little hectic. There is 2 more tiny little people to feed, change and generally fit in with life. Everything take 6 times the amount of time to get done and I’m sure I don’t have to say just how crazy my house is right now. It resembles a creche, with 2 of everything filling every space. They may be tiny but my word, they come with a lot of stuff!

I spent a lot of the first weeks feeding. Feeding Harry. Feeding Emily. Burping Emily. Changing Harry. Feeding Harry. Feeding Ruby. changing Emily. I barely moved off the sofa, my mini iPad… godsend!


So as a little thank you to you guys for being so fantastically awesome, I decided it would be nice to do something a little lovely around christmas time.

So here goes! For those who book a newborn or simplicity shoot (with booking fee*) before the 22nd of December, your name will be popped into a hat, a very lovely one. Little Ruby will pick a winner and they will receive…



You due date can be any time in 2014 or 2015 & the winner will be announced on 22nd December 2014!

To book your session you can email info@zoestewartphoto.com or visit the website here: www.zoestewartphoto.com

Merry Christmas!!

Zoe xo



Deposit must be paid before 22nd December. Session can be booked for 2014 or 2015. *booking fee is non refundable* Winners images will be shared on social media. Chosen winner is final. Session takes place at Zoe Stewart Photography Studio, Edinburgh. No cash value. Giveaway ends at 10pm December 22nd 2014.


Welcome to the world little ones | Harry & Emily


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You’ve finally arrived.  Safe & well.

This pregnancy was a little bit of a bumpy one and at one point I didn’t think I was going to get to hold you safe.

A mix of relief, happiness, joy & fear all rushed in at once.  Two babies.  Two. Little. Babies. 30 tiny toes. 2 button noses. 4 gorgeous blue eyes.

I waited so long to hold you both in my arms.  Sleepless nights, aches, pains and a horrendous amount of heartburn (not a hair on your heads either).  Now your finally here.  Your so tiny & delicate. I find myself realising I’m hungry because I’ve spent an hour just staring at your faces and missed my own breakfast.

My house is upside down and looks like we have squatters. But spending so much time with you and your big sister is filling my heart with so much joy.  These little moments are the ones I want to savour and remember.

I’d like to formally introduce you all to Harry & Emily.



Me & Mine |September 2014

A few months back I promised myself I’d take part in the Me & Mine project.  To take a shot of you and your family every month.  I’ve completely failed and never managed to join in yet.  Life just got in the way.   September has been one huge blur.   Ruby started pre-school and we completed our family with 2 new additions.  Now, I completely regret not starting the project sooner. I’ve missed capturing the months of our family expanding.

So, with 2.5 hours of sleep, one of the hottest days we’ve had all year and 2 new bundles with reflux, I couldn’t see a better time to start really.

Me and Mine

So here is Me & Mine.  My heart is ready to burst.

Zoe x

Carie - Oh that’s a lovely lovely photo, and many congratulations on the new arrivals!

Natalie - Lovely photo!

Lucy DearBeautiful - Oh I’m so glad you’ve joined in, and with this lovely photo too. I think when you have new babies, that whole family photos really show off their changes more, as the grown ups are there to compare them too. And they are so lovely too look back on and see how the family has all grown together.
I swear Ruby just looks like the proudest big sister ever, in every single photo I’ve seen of her since the twins arrived. So adorable. x


Instagram Favourites | July

July has been a tough month, in both pregnancy and life.

Sadly, life hasn’t been all sunshine and growth scans.  After years of fighting and beating cancer multiple times, sadly my nan lost her battle and passed away.  One of the toughest goodbye’s I’ll ever have to say.  We had hoped she’d meet the babies.  She loved when I popped into the hospital for a visit, the last time I seen her she got to feel both babies kick and we both had tears in our eyes, I think I knew then she wouldn’t be around to meet them.

This month I also hit the 34th week of my twin pregnancy.  I didn’t think I’d make it quite so far, especially going into preterm labour at just 26 weeks, then again at 30 & 31.  Steroid injections… never again!  Proud as punch that I’ve managed to keep them cooking that little bit longer.  Every day they are warm in my tummy is a day less they will spend in the NICU when they arrive.  The end is in sight but still seems so far away and most days I can barely walk without being in pain.  I can only eat kid portions of food and my cravings seem to change every half hour.  Growing twins is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I know at the end of it I am going to have 2 amazing babies to snuggle and I can’t wait for that!  Ruby is already wearing her big sister hat and can’t help out enough.  She’s going to be an amazing big sister.  These guys are lucky!

Here are July’s favourite Instagram images!

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 I love Instagram and I love the summer!  They make the most perfect combination.  All the pretty blooms and colours.

I’ve been taking part in the #capturingcolour hashtag.  Last week was PINK!

#capturingcolour is a weekly Instagram hashtag that everyone can take part in.  For the month of August there is a special RAINBOW edition with an extra hashtag #kidscapturingcolour so your little ones can get involved too!

Just search the hashtag to see everyone else’s entries and join in yourself!

You can follow me on Instagram too: Loving The Little Things.

Happy July! x


23 weeks | Morning Sickness

morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler, morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler, Pregnancy is the happiest reason in the world for feeling like absolute crap.

I’m now 23 weeks pregnant with twins.  I’m not going to lie and tell you it was all sunshine and buttercups.  It wasn’t.  For some it can be the worst 9 months of your entire life.

It’s ALL day sickness, not just morning.  It can pounce on you any time of day without a moments notice and before you know it your running out the room or off a bus to find somewhere to throw up.  I used to dream about food, which resulted in waking at 4am to puke.

If you want to have a cry and moan, do it!  Your more than allowed.  Morning sickness can be awful to go through.  We payed for IVF, took months of treatments, it didn’t stop me feeling like I’d been hit by a couple of buses, or complaining about how useless I felt as a wife and mother.  My husband would come home from a long day at work to find me, still on the sofa, or bathroom floor and a child running around in odd pj’s and one shoe.

morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler,

One evening after dinner, another that I didn’t get to enjoy & 6th puke of the day my husband asks… ‘So, 4’s a good number, we might as well fill the new 7 seater right?’  at that moment if I didn’t laugh, I may have cried.

 I had ‘morning’ sickness for the first 16 weeks.  16 whole weeks.  Thats 4 months, approx 112 days.  You can’t eat because your nauseous, and your nauseous because your so so hungry.  Mine hit worse around 3pm and it was so bad most days I had almost 4 entire months off work.

You’ll get all sorts of advice from everyone, some works, most doesn’t and sadly you just have to ride it out and smile politely when they give it to you.  My favourite little bit of advice was ‘Can you not just, you know, not be sick?’.  Why didn’t I think of that?

morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler,


Its always, without a doubt the first thing people suggest.  I tried fresh ginger, grated, ginger crystals, ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger sweets, ginger snaps.

I’ve never been fond of ginger, so it didn’t go down too well with me.  But who knew there was so much out there!

morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler,

Lemon & Mint: 

Lemon Tea for me was a saviour.  It was refreshing and so easy to go down.   As well as hand wash.  When I was faced with an overwhelming scent and felt nauseous I just smelt my handwash or moisturisers and it was instantly calming.

Mint chewing gum was a great little help, brushing your teeth after being sick too, the acid can ruin the enamel.

Sea bands: 

I wore sickness bands from 8 weeks onwards.  They looked awful with a dress during a wedding, but I spruced mine up with lace and ribbons.  When the sickness eased a little, I was too scared to take them off after a while in fear of instantly throwing up.   Not to mention they look gross!  Hey, look at me… I’m pregnant, stay back, I may throw up on your shoes. I’ve already thrown up on mine, twice.

Morning well: 

Sent to me by a good friend, morning well is a cd that ‘distracts’ you from the feeling of being sick with some music thats calming.  It works best with headphones.

Ice lollies: 

I found making your own a bit of a challenge most days but it was nice to have something to do with Ruby, fruit juices, milk, chopped fruits.  Keep it simple and keep hydrated.

A few other things:  They say little and often.  Your tummy copes better with small walks and little meals.  Dry foods are great, toast, crackers, dry breads, cereals if you can manage.

Avoid overpowering smells.  I could tell if my husband had opened a packet of mushrooms or a banana 3 rooms away.  Its a good idea to try and avoid public transport too.  If your not keeping anything down, even a little glass of water, then do contact your midwife.

morning, sickness, all day sickness, vomit, puke, lemons, ginger, remedies, water, rest, sleep, toddler,

Morning sickness normally hits first thing in the morning, throwing up on an empty stomach is not attractive, so try and have a little cup of tea and a cracker in bed before you even think about getting up.  I found when I was tired my sickness was a lot worse.  So rest up!  I hear you…. It’s not easy to lie on the sofa when you have full time work and a toddler who needs fed.  You feel like useless not to mention feeling like the worst mother in the world.

Its hard keeping a toddler busy most of the time.  But when you feel like you want to vomit every single time you move…  The days seem so much longer.

So here’s a few things to keep the little one’s ‘busy':

Movies, who doesn’t like a movie day?  Frozen on repeat… erm. Maybe try something else.  Disney marathons are fantastic, with a bowl of popcorn, your all set to relax and cuddle.

The bed is a…. PIRATE SHIP. this was one of Rubys favourite games.  Theres sharks in the water and you’ve got to keep safe.

Long fun baths.  coloured shaving foams, bath paints & bubbles… whilst I sit on the floor sipping water trying to stay alive.

Let them read to the babies.  Ruby sang songs to my tummy, she got to have a little bonding time and it helped take my mind off things for a little bit.

Mini manicure… we had spa mornings, she delighted in painting my nails.

Being pregnant, you need to be a little more organised than normal.  I was very kindly given the  Health & Parenting App in return for my honest opinion.


Scans, antenatal classes, midwives. With twins, these appointments are doubled up, so it was good to have somewhere to place it all and keep track for when baby brain sets in.

You can list your favourite baby names so you can share them with your partner later, track your weight and even pop in your birth plan.  The kick counter is great for days your not feeling much movement and want to track it for a while.    There is a lack of twin information, but its the same on most apps and even the health guide you get in your booking in pack, but otherwise it helped me keep track of all the crazy appointments.  I’ve loved keeping up to date with things and it has a great image section where you can see baby developments week by week.  I plan to use it for the rest of my pregnancy and will be sure to update you again.

If you would like to purchase the app you can here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/pregnancy-+/id505864483?mt=8

*I was given this app free as part of a review.  My views are my own*

Natalie - Love this post Zoe!

Carie - I love the suggestion that we could just not be sick – I’d have thrown something at anyone that suggested that to me! Morning sickness is just not fun – it’s worth it in the end, and I’ll admit there were times when it was good to have a reminder that whatever I couldn’t see going on, at least my body was definitely trying to grow a baby – but it is not at all fun when you’re in the thick of it – I’m glad it’s passed for you now! (and fingers crossed it doesn’t come back for either of us!)