Happy Mothers Day | Cake

Mother’s Day is one of my favourite days.  I might go as far to say I like it a little more than my birthday.  I have someone who calls me mummy.  I never thought I would.  I was always worries about becoming a mum but I am loving every single second of it.

I have someone who depends on me.
I have someone who loves cake just as much as I do.
I have someone who thinks I’m the best per
son in the world.
I have someone who thinks my singing is pretty wonderful.
I have someone who thinks the sun pretty much shines out my butt.
We sneakily lose out on an hours sleep this year, but an extra hour of hugs and tea in bed, with cake? Who’s going to complain? Not me!
Everyone knows how much I love cake. It verges on ridiculous and if I could get away with eating it for breakfast everyday. I totally would.  The lovely guys at Coppenrath and Wiese were kind enough to send us a little goody bag of cake decorating treats to make a lovely cake just for today.


We couldn’t decide on just one so we made a few.  I let Ruby go for it all on her own and it just happens to be my favourite!

Happy Mother’s Day to my very own mum too. I hope your all having a wonderful day and the sun shines bright!

Spring Crafts | Bird Feeder

At last!  Spring is here.  The sun is shining, everyone seems a little more cheery.  The  seedlings are sprouting and the spring babies are beginning to arrive.  We love when our garden is full of butterflies and those brand new little chirps.

Every crafter I know has spare yarn & fabrics lying around.  Here’s how to put them to good use!  We all know Edinburgh isn’t the warmest place on earth, we get 4 seasons in one day, 365 days a year.

Heres what you’ll need to help keep those little hatchings cosy:

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

 Cut your scraps into smaller sections, easy enough for the little birds to gather and carry.  Then pop them all inside your bird feeder.  I used a crochet hook to pull little sections through the feeder.

Then all you need to do is hang it in a handy little place in your garden.  We popped ours next to a feeder filled with food.

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

bird, feeder, crafts, spare, yarn, thread, material, ribbons, twine, garden, kids, children, spring

Honey - That looks lovely! x


The case of the missing Rabbit

I can’t believe I haven’t had the time to update you guys on Mr Rabbit!  I’m really very sorry it’s taken me so long.

Sadly, I’ve been super poorly with the dreaded morning sickness, hospital trips and life in-between.  Things seem to be easing up and we are slowly getting back on track now.

I cannot believe that the story of Mr Rabbit went viral!  The amount of kind and loving emails we received was truly amazing and they are still coming in.  Sadly, we never did find the original Mr Rabbit, but a lovely lovely reader popped us one in the post.  He was pretty much identical.

So, we popped him in a box, with a lovely carrot and some fairy dust and wrapped him up with a letter from Santa Clause himself.

“Dear Ruby, 

Thank you SO much for letting Mr Rabbit join me on my sleigh for christmas.  He was a wonderful help, delivering all the toys to the boys and girls.

We had a great time.  As a thank you for all his hard work, we have him a lovely bubble bath and a make over so he looks just like knew, but don’t worry, he’s still your Mr Rabbit.

I’ve popped in a little bottle of fairy dust incase he would like to help me next year. 

Have a wonderful day and hug him tight, he’s missed you, 

Santa x”

Mr Rabbit, Rabbit, Bunny, missing, lost, toy, Ruby, best, friend, reunited, together, christmas


I am so glad the ‘magic’ is still there, she FULLY believes that her original best friend came home.  I’ve never seen a face light up quite so brightly. He hasn’t left her side and the duo are back to having fun.

We’d love to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you who helped us.  You have no idea how much it means.

We’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for Best Photography Blog 2014 with the MAD Blog Awards again this year!  We attended the event in London last year and got to meet some of the most amazing bloggers out there.  The weekend was a complete delight and we would LOVE to have the chance to attend this year too.

If you would like to pop a nomination in for your favourite parent blog you can do so here:


Nominations close on the 14th March and then voting begins!

Zoe xo

Julie B. [Holland] - Thank you for answering my question today , and I’m so happy there was a “happy” ending for Ruby! Hope she has many many more years with her beloved friend!

Serena Evanuk Wells - I am glad to hear Ruby is happy. What a sweet thing to do. :) Congratulations on your twins. Best to you and your wonderful family.

Kirsty - What an amazing idea Zoe. Ruby looked so happy. XX


It’s TWINS! | Simply Ruby

Will it be pink?

Will it be blue?

Or could it be both?

Because there will be two!!

I can hardly believe it…. we are expecting TWINS!!

nest, eggs, birth, announcement, edinburgh, newborn, photographer, children, lothian, musselburgh, simply, ruby, zoe,

Its been a rough few months, I’m not going to lie.  Who ever invented the term ‘morning sickness’ should have a serious word with themselves.  Its not morning.  It. is. ALL. day.

Thats right, the entire day.  From the moment you open your eyes, you feel like you slept on a boat in the middle of a storm the entire night.  The old wives tales are great but to be honest, so far, nothing has helped.

Seabands, toast, ginger, ginger tea, root ginger, ginger biscuits, mint, lemon drops, eating every hour, eating tiny portions.   Not.a.thing.

I pretty much parented from the sofa over the festive holidays.  We watched so many disney films and had so many hugs, its hard not to feel guilty, but the quality time was lovely.


nest, eggs, birth, announcement, edinburgh, newborn, photographer, children, lothian, musselburgh, simply, ruby, zoe,


Ruby is going to be the kindest, sweetest, most loving big sister.  She is so thoughtful.  These babies are already blessed with her.

She cleared a little corner of her room for them and can’t wait to play and sing songs and bake with them.

nest, eggs, birth, announcement, edinburgh, newborn, photographer, children, lothian, musselburgh, simply, ruby, zoe, We are so over the moon.  Being sat in a doctors office being told we’d never naturally have kids, we never ever thought that one day we would be blessed with 3!  We still can’t get our heads around it.

It’s going to be a long journey, but we can’t wait to see what life brings.

nest, eggs, birth, announcement, edinburgh, newborn, photographer, children, lothian, musselburgh, simply, ruby, zoe,

 Thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments and emails.  It’s a bit of a whirlwind but I can’t wait to keep you all updated!!

Zoe xo


Julie B. [Holland] - Congratulations! Looking forward to the updates! :)

Claire - Congratulations on your twin pregnancy. We were blessed with a singleton girl followed 14mths later by b/g twins. You are truly blessed and although life with twins +1 is crazy it is a lot of fun too. I had the most awful all day sickness and after trying every recommendation and old wife’s tale the dr prescribed me anti-sickness tablets and they made such a difference. Ruby will be a great big sister and such a help too. Love and best wishes to you all. Xxx

Honey - Congratulations! I can’t imagine how happy you are. x


LOST MR RABBIT!! | London, Oxford Street

Every few months we visit our family in London, we use it like a little holiday.  We relax, eat a lot of food and wander the streets looking at all the beautiful things.

This weekend, was not so relaxed.  WE LOST MR RABBIT!

Now, I know what your thinking… It’s just a teddy, replace it and she’ll never know.  Sadly, I wish that were true.

We’ve had Rabbit since Ruby was just a few days old.  They are best friends and he comes everywhere with us.  He was there when she was in hospital, he was there when she had chicken pox, her first tooth, the first time she fell and skint her knee or bumped her head.  He’s seen it all.

The important info:

On Saturday 16th Of November around 6:30pm, we left the Flat Iron Steak Restaurant.  With Mr Rabbit still in hand.   We walked slowly around passed BoDeans restaurant, over to Oxford street and caught the tube to London Bridge.  We changed at London bridge and headed to East Dulwich.

Mr Rabbit Vanished.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.36.26

If your passing any of these locations and have time to look in windows, on walls, fences, posts.  We would appreciate it if you keep keep an eye out for him!

He is very loved and missed and a little tatty.  His neck has no stuffing left from being hugged so much so flops to one side and his ears smell like Olbas Oil.  There are so many Jelly Cat Rabbits around, but we’ll certainly know ours when we see him.

We’ve been in touch with Lost Teddy Bear and sadly none on there are ours.  If you have lost a teddy/rabbit/toy please check them out!

If you lovely people of London (and all over) would like to help, here is some more info!

You can check the details on the facebook page here: Find Mr Rabbit

Or check out twitter: Simply Ruby

We’ve had over 1,000 retweets including companies and celebrities, over 2,000 share on facebook with a phenomenal reach of over 134,000 people.  We just want to say a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has helped out so far!

We would love to reunite little Ruby with her best friend!






Curzon Tussaud - Have you tried London Transport Lost Property? He may have been left on a tube or train rather than dropped in the street.

Lindsay Pattinson - Awww. When I see wee Ruby with her pal in these pics I feel sad. May he return home safely… xx

Anna - Hi,
I don’t know if this of any help but my daughter has a few of these that I bought so I could attempt to rotate and wash her beloved Benny, unfortunately she knows the difference between them and “real benny”, I’d be happy to share one as a replacement though. My daughter would be distraught if we lost benny.
Anna. X

margie - i hope you find it – but if not, please look for the book Tatty Ratty


especially as it is a rabbit as it is a rabbit in the story and may help ease some feelings if you have to buy a new one….

good luck!

Abi - my 2.5 yrs old daughter lost her bashful jelly at bunny too yesterday! Fortunately we managed to retrace our steps and Dora and bunny were reunited- phew! This has happened several times in their short lives, so we have now have 6! Some are more worn than others but they all sleep either in the airing cupboard or in Dora’s bed. I know a replacement is NEVER the same, but it may go some way to help! Good luck with your hunt :)

Alison - Unbelievably we found a Mr Rabbit a few weeks ago- in Peckham Rye. ( Very near East Dulwich) My daughters found it and put up hand made posters all around. We took it to local baby spots and various groups and centres-, nobody recognised the name or bunny! Sadly we never found CS. the named owner. I have since had a new baby who’s unwell and the hunt for C was put on hold. I haven’t looked at the news for weeks and in my trying to attempt some normality looked at the news online and saw this. I will make another attempt on East Dulwich forum to find the rightful owners tonight. If no luck I am happy to forward him onto a loving home after his foster stay here, we have looked after him but knew he wasn’t ours so non of our girls truly fell in love with him. If he cannot be reunited with C which seems unlikely now then he could perhaps make your little one a welcome replacement. We could add olbus oil to his ears if you would like to offer him a new forever home in the event that the forum doesn’t find his old family in the next few days. Hope you find the real ‘Mr Rabbit’ but this one is looking for a best friend too- he just wants to be loved again!!

Paul Astle - I’m sure mr Rabbit is missing her just as much as she misses him. Such special friends are “love made fuzzy.” Something very similar happened to me many years ago but that was when I went to New York!

Please tell the little girl I will ask my plush ursine companions to check with their familys in the City and at the first sign of Mr Rabbit they’ll check in.

Peter Stallard and Joyce Rossiter - We sincerely hope Ruby finds her friend…My wife and I will be keeping our fingers crossed.Good Luck….
Great photos….

Eija Roth - My heart bleeds for poor Ruby, please keep us posted if you find Mr. Rabbit and greetings from Maryland USA.

Christine - I read your story on NYDAILY NEWS….I was moved to tears, by your love for your Daughter.
I dont even know you and I feel the love and dedication you have for your lil one!
Kudos to you for being an amazing mother!
Blessings to you and your family, a mother like you is truly a rare find..
I wish you all the luck in the world in finding Mr.Rabbit and making Ruby happy!
You should also check out the book Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper.

Elly - Dear Ruby,
I’m so sorry to hear about Mr Rabbit being lost in London without you. My own bunny teddy, Puddles, looks very like Mr Rabbit – maybe they are related.
Puddles tells me that, despite missing you terribly, Mr Rabbit will be okay, as rabbits are very clever animals and make friends easily.
When he gets home from his trip please email me and I will make Mr Rabbit a wooly jumper so he can be cosy and warm this winter.
Lots of love,
Elly (19)

Liz - This reminds me of when I’d lose my elephant; I’d get so upset and people would try to replace it with similar ones, but I knew they were just replacements. Mine was finally found; I hope Mr. Rabbit is, too! Good luck.

Gemma Summers - I have this exact teddy myself , he is called Mr fuzzles and I’m 31! I would happy give him up to your little girl if it gave her any comfort, mine is a little smaller though. Both my kids have comfort toys and I would do the exact same if we lost theirs. Good luck and I hope he finds his way home x

Jenny Pearce - good look and big hugs for ruby from germany. :(

Conny - I really know what this means I have a little dog. Never lost it forgot sometimes in the kindergarten. I will tell this my friends in London. I pray for you that it will return to you!

Fiona - Hi there, news of your lost mr rabbit has travelled all the way to NZ! He looks exactly like the bunny my son has. In fact we have two bunnies just in case we ever lose one! In case you have no luck finding mr rabbit and want to buy a replacement try the website below.


Good luck!

Emiloly - Wishing Mr Rabbit home all the way from New Zealand. I know how Ms Violette would feel if she lost Brother Monkey. All the monkey’s in the world couldn’t replace him. <3

Jennifer - I heard about your sweet daughter’s best friend. I am so heartbroken over it. My daughter is 2 1/2 years and she has had a jelly cat bunny since birth as well. We take pictures with bunny too! He is part of our family. Please keep us updated and we are praying for Mr. Rabbit’s safe return to Miss Ruby all the way from the United States!

Tracy - All the way from Anchorage Alaska, We are praying for the safe return of Mr. Bunny… Good Luck Ruby!!!!

Sabrina - Love from the midwest in the US! I have my own precious bear. I’m putting out messages as far as I can.

Payel Basu Roy - I found a rabbit exactly like this at the borough market near london bridge tagged as “I am lost” I have even taken a picture, i can send you if you want!

Sarah - I know what you must be going through. My daughter is 5. She has had 2 carebears since the day she was born. They have been everywhere with them and would be heartbroken if they got lost. Prayers from the east coast in the U.S. that Mr. Rabit has a safe and quick return to Miss Ruby <3. She is adorable btw:)

makayla thompson - My daughter who is now 11 years old. She adore this bunny she got it when she was a couple days old. If she ever her bunny she would be devastated. I wish you luck on your search for your Mr. Rabbit. Good luck from Hillsborough, North Carolina USA.

Julie B. [Holland] - Any update at all about Mr. Bunny?